Thursday, July 27, 2006

Surgery 26

Norbert Möslang – Burst Log (For4Ears)
Dafeldecker/Fussenegger/Kovacic – Printer (Durian)
Möslang/Müller – Wild Suzuki (For4Ears)
Wachsmann/Hug/Grydeland/Zach – Wazahugy (Sofa)
Okura/Müller/Yoshida – Tanker (For4Ears)
Piotrowicz/Stangl/Zaradny – Can’t Illumination (Music Generica)
Various – Touch 25 (Touch)
Zach/Grydeland – You Should Have Seen Me… (Sofa)
Daniel Menche – Jugularis (Important)
Arnold Dreyblatt – Live at Federal Hall... (Table of the Elements)
Phill Niblock – Touch Three (Touch)

Norbert Möslang - bl_4__4:29
Dafeldecker/Fussenegger/Kovacic - Dun
Möslang/Müller - Fukuoka_2
Wachsmann/Hug/Grydeland/Zach - Wazahugy 6
Okura/Müller/Yoshida - Kitashinawaga-Lupsingen 3
Piotrowicz/Stangl/Zaradny - Can’t Illumination
Rafael Toral – Glove Touch
Zach/Grydeland - You Should Have Seen Me... [edit]
Daniel Menche - Jugularis 2 [edit]
Arnold Dreyblatt - Live at Federal Hall... [edit]
Phill Niblock - Harm [edit]

***a note on this episode: Due to a lapse in concentration I managed to mix the tracks into two half hour chunks, ready to add the show ID, then put it all on the shelf... planning to finish it a couple of days later. In the interim I lost the documentation telling me what albums I'd used and the track order as it appears. What you have above is (I believe) an accurate reconstruction of what you are hearing... if there are any errors you detect let me know, and I apologize to the artists for any mis-crediting that may have occurred as a result of my slippage. Thanks.

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