Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surgery 92

Various - Portland Stories (Sonic Pieces)
Tom White - In Poor Visibility (Hibernate)
Martin Schulte - On The Moon (Sinergy Networks)
Crushed Stars - The Refracted Light Of Crushed Stars (Simulacra)
Oren Ambarchi - Intermission 2000-2008 (Touch)
Elm - Nemcatacoa Psychedelic (Digitalis)
The Beautiful Schizophonic - Erotikon (Cronica)
The Sight Below - Murmur (Ghostly International)
Minamo - DurCe (12k)
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek - Blank Grey Canvas Sky (Fang Bomb)
Eluvium - Similes (Temporary Residence)

Track Listing

Heather Woods Broderick - Behind Doors [0:00]
Tom White - Moredon Cooling Towers [2:45]
Martin Schulte - On The Moon [6:57]
Crushed Stars - Lens Flare [11:17]
Oren Ambarchi - Iron Waves [16:14]
Elm - Covered In Blankets And Moss [27:41]
The Beautiful Schizophonic - Fornarina [29:37]
The Sight Below - No Place For Us (Eluvium Remix) [36:09]
Minamo - Helical Scenery [43:51]
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek - Rain [49:06]
Eluvium - The Motion Makes Me Last [54:34]

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Patient friends of Surgery

Some of you may have noticed there hasn't been a new show since early December.  Aside from the usual holiday slowdown the other reason is my current podcast host that had been turning a blind eye to the mounting bandwidth demands has decided enough was enough.  I can't blame them.  I had always intended to archive and remove older shows but never gotten around to it.  So here we are.

I am making arrangements and setting up a new host, so the first show of 2010 is imminent.  Hopefully the switch over won't create any undue difficulty, such as converting from the old feed to the new one in iTunes etc.  I will attempt to make it painless as possible.

Thanks again for your patronage and support.