Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ramses III - Honey Rose

Last year was a (relatively) high-profile, high-yield year for UK trio Ramses III. After a reissue of their limited edition collaboration with The North Sea’s Brad Rose on Type Records they graced the The Music Fellowship with a new full length called Matanuska. This time it’s the rapidly shifting and always interesting Important Records turn to make room, this time for an e.p. of themes that act as soundtrack for Jon Spira’s short film Suityman. The six pieces are essentially the same languid piece of music, adapted and rearranged each time for new instruments and (slightly) different moods. Without directly referencing it, Honey Rose recalls the world weariness of Ry Cooder’s score for Paris, Texas, all windblown, flat and lonesome. Subtly shifting acoustic effects and trading guitar for banjo, lap for pedal steel, the pieces are almost salutary… little pockets of recognition across distances. With a slow gait, the rhythm approximates a waltz with too many knee bends per step, saved by a buoyancy that lingers in the heart of the piece.


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