Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surgery 52

Pinch - Underwater Dancehall (Tectonic)
Various - A Number Of Small Things (Morr)
The Drift - Ceiling Sky (Temporary Residence)
Bogdan Raczynski - Alright! (Rephlex)
Astral Social Club - Neon Pibroch (Important)
Charalambides - Likeness (Kranky)
Origami Arktika - Trollebotn (Silber)
Toshinori Kondo - Silent Melodies (Stilll/Off)
Ateleia - Swimming Against The Moments (Antiopic)
Sylvain Chauveau - Nuage (Type)

Track Listing

Pinch - Widescreen
Teamforest - Home
The Drift - Gardening, Not Architecture (Fourtet Remix)
Bogdan Raczynski - Alright! Part Six
Astral Social Club - The Big Spree (edit)
Charalambides - Saddle Up The Pony
Origami Arktika - Fanteguten
Toshinori Kondo - Song For The Small Planet
Ateleia - Production And Poverty
Sylvain Chauveau - Fly Like A Horse

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