Wednesday, January 09, 2008

White/Lichens - S/T

Drone / Ambient music seems to be crossing many stylistic boundaries this last little while (acoustic, electronic, metal). What about it is attractive to you as a musician? As a listener?
I've always thought that noise music was much more interesting than pop/"straight" music, most of the time anyway. It seems like if it's not so harsh now it's "drone"... I don't mind that term at all, but it's been something that we have all been involved in as performers and fans for a long time. there is a long history here of great jazz and experimental improvisers in Chicago, and we have just been doing it a little louder.

Robert's music tends towards a quieter, more meditative end of the spectrum while this collaboration yields a more visceral result... was there any difficulty in deciding on the album's temperament? Was there every any concern of balancing volume against detail?

We didn't really decide on anything at all! We were all close friends and decide to record a little together, that's all. What's on the record is almost 100% the three of us improvising in the studio. We hit record, and that's what happened. I think we are all pretty happy with how it turned out!

The artwork features symbols and descriptions of several mythic/spiritual entities... is this iconography a layer of meaning applied to the experience/enjoyment of the music, or are they sources of inspiration for its production?

That artwork is pure Rob Lowe. He is a very creative person, and when he has an idea or concept about something you can really just let him go. I dug it, but as far as meaning you will have to talk to him.

Does the creation/playing of powerful improvised music have any hangover... that is to say does the space you're in seem emptier once the sound subsides? Is there anxiety or elation about tapping into this energy... or is it just rocking?

Ha! for me it's about turning everything off! There is a point of absolute nothingness inside me when it gets really heavy... you can reach points of drowning out every thought in your mind, and you just start to react instead of think.... That's the best part about performing for me... but that usually only happens when it gets really loud!!
White/Lichens - S/T (Holy Mountain)

Some of Jeremy Lemos' favourite things from 2007

Eating the greatest chili rellenos EVER in Guadalajara.

Seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play Lollapalooza.

Going to China and Russia.

Watching Sonic Youth play Daydream Nation like 20 times in a row.

Recording the band Figurines in an amazing studio in the mountains of Sweden.

Winning €1600 playing poker on the Champs - Elysées.

Making a record in Steve Albini's studio with my new favorite band: (

The new Stars of the Lid record.

The new Leslie Keffer LP.

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