Monday, December 29, 2008

Surgery 71

Dirty Beaches - Horror (Fixture Records)
Sawako - Bitter Sweet (12k)
Ethan Rose - Oaks (Holocene Music)
Elegi - Varde (Miasmah)
KTL - IV (Editions Mego)
Human Greed - Black Hill: Midnight At The Blighted Star (Lumberton Trading Company)
Sideshow - Admit One (Wordandsound)
Pulshar - Brotherhood (Phonobox)
Imps - Remixed (Mule Electronic)
Northern Valentine - The Distance Brings Us Closer (Silber Records)
Manual - Confluence (Darla)

Track Listing

Dirty Beaches - No Letters Home [0:00]
Sawako - Looped Labyrinth, Decayed Voice [1:35]
Ethan Rose - Rising Waters [10:56]
Elegi - Svanesang [14:57]
KTL - Wicked Way [21:05]
Human Greed - Midnight At The Blighted Star [25:11]
Sideshow - French Model in Dub [28:56]
Pulshar - Nospheratu [31:57]
Jan Jelinek - Jonty's Way (Remix) [38:20]
Northern Valentine - Dies Solis [45:30]
Manual - Sanctuary [51:42]

Listen to Surgery 71 click here

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