Monday, January 26, 2009

Max Richter – 24 Postcards in Full Colour

While some phone calls carry tear-inducing messages, what if the ringtones themselves caused welling up? Scottish composer/pianist Max Richter takes up the challenge of creating twenty-four brief works that can haunt you after their fleeting tones disperse. Richter’s notes about the album underline our current tendency to lose the musical message whilst analyzing the medium. The postcard is a simple consumer surface allowing the briefest of communication… but one of often deep emotional import. Each piece is a simple cluster of elements and instruments from classical composition, at times enhanced or scarred by shimmering electronic processes or the crackle of analog degradations. Their order is unimportant, Richter claiming they will eventually be given life as actual ringtones in prepared but still randomly ordered performances. The important part is that the music is communicative in its plaintive strings, its playful melodies, its hopeful tones. These are vivid recollections of bright moments, shared with an other you wished were there too.



sickofmotion said...

Your radio looks interesting, but the links to the label website in your posts are all screwed up (need to add http:// at the beginning)

e. said...

Thanks for spotting this. It wasn't the missing http:// that was causing the problem but an extra bit of code that popped in there for no good reason.

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