Monday, September 18, 2006

Surgery 29

Special show featuring songs from two of my favourite labels.

Lullabye Arkestra – Ampgrave (Constellation)
Labradford – A Stable Reference (Kranky)
Frankie Sparo – Welcome Crummy Mystics (Constellation)
Austistic Daughters – Jealousy and Diamond (Kranky)
Black Ox Orkestar – Nisht Azoy (Constellation)
Benoit Pilouard – Précis (Kranky)
Sando Perri – Plays Polmo Polpo (Constellation)
Jessica Bailiff – Feels Like Home (Kranky)
A Silver Mt. Zion – Plays “Pretty Lightning Paw” (Constellation)
Christina Carter – Electrice (Kranky)
Eric Chenaux – Dull Lights (Constellation)
Jessamine – S/T (Kranky)
Fly Pan Am – N’Ecoutez Pas (Constellation)

Track Listing

Lullabye Arkestra – Come Out Come Out
Labradford - Streamline
Frankie Sparo – Akzidenz Grotesk
Austistic Daughters – Boxful of Birds
Black Ox Orkestar – Ikh Kentsvey Zayn
Benoit Pilouard – Ext. Leslie Park
Sando Perri - Circles
Jessica Bailiff - Evidence
A Silver Mt. Zion – There’s a River in the Valley…
Christina Carter – Yellow Pine
Eric Chenaux – Memories Are No Treasure
Jessamine - Lisboa
Fly Pan Am – Vos Reves Rever

Listen to Surgery 29 click here

Point of Interest: I did the show in a kind of roundabout way, starting on a laptop I made an audio version of it and burned a disc with the mixed tracks. When I popped it into iTunes to convert it over to .mp3 the internet music database recognized the CD as: HIROKI - The Graduation Parted You From Me. Does anyone have this masterpiece?

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