Monday, October 20, 2008

Growing - All the Way

Kevin Doria and Joe DeNardo of Growing seem like the types of guys who’d use vice grips to pull out a nail. On their first full length for The Social Registry they’ve continued on a trajectory that has been carrying them away from the overstuffed field of drone/psychedelic behemoths. Where they’re headed is unsure, but it appears to be concerned with turning guitars into tools for electronic dance music. Using a slightly lighter and more refined palate of manipulations from their mini-album Lateral, the duo have scrubbed the surface grime from their rapid tremolo oscillations leaving six mid-length tracks of shimmering tonal refraction. The opening two pieces showcase patchwork polishes that resemble vintage analogue burbling, but on “Rave Pie Only” they harness the pulse into a plosive 4/4 squelch that early housetronauts would feel justified broadcasting into outer space. Next up “Innit” corrals an over-firing Kraftwerkian synapse and lets it sizzle over a stuttering undersong. If this is an album to spawn a new subgenre in the lexicon I suggest the term “doom disco”.

The Social Registry

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