Monday, June 22, 2009

I8U – 10 –33 cm

From Holst’s The Planets to Eno’s Apollo composers have glanced spaceward for inspiration and grandeur. Montreal’s France Jobin goes an extra step by turning outwards then inwards to explore ideas of String Theory, the title being the theoretical size of strings that make up... well, everything. Music, or purely expressed sound, is a logical art form to tackle these complex ideas as little else exists in time and space quite the same way. The seven pieces have a scientific precision and clarity, placing each tone and texture in an aural description of nearly dimensionless particles. The vibratory interactions of these particles or strings stir high end frequencies that snap together like microscopic jigsaws and waves of drone that describe a closed or looped model. Slipping just out of silence into the auditory field intensifies a reflex to lean towards the discovery of curious phenomena. Whether or not Jobin’s work inspires you to more deeply consider reality it can be enjoyed for its wonderful minimalist construction.


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