Monday, June 22, 2009

Montag – Hibernation

Clearing the cobwebs off his desktop before the release of his new full length, Antoine Bédard, who is a Quebecer once again, explores winter textures on his self-produced the Hibernation e.p. Going Places from 2007 saw Montag collaborating with M83, Beach House and others to bracket in his pop and electro influences. The seven track (+ one bonus) mini album leans more on the digital sketchbook side of the bracket, with vocals on only a couple of pieces. “Nord” is a recurring title, split over three tracks, and has a wistful elegance that begs for a long lens shot of the “lone female figure skater on frozen pond” ilk. The rest of the vintage keyboard thematics are likewise soft focus, and at times a little uninspired. The standout is “Inner Thought About Kuujjuaq,” the aforementioned bonus track, a vocal performance that nicely fits the current trend of music that explores an 80s sound that actually never existed. It’s a nice little timewaster of a download, but by April you’ll be ready for something warmer to help you forget the winter.

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