Monday, June 22, 2009

Various – Pop Ambient 2009

A growing trend in the ambient world towards Erik Satie-like neo-classical minimalism is confirmed on the newest installment of Kompakt’s popular series. The piano, or electronics made to sound, informs nearly half of the twelve lovely tracks. After Klimek’s cascading clarion opens the window little plinky drifts waft in. Sylvain Chauveau’s “Nuage III,” borrowed from his recent Type Records release, is an august theme for wandering thoughts. As gentle, though with a slightly sinister undercurrent, is “Hindemith” courtesy of label boss Wolfgang Voigt’s long dormant alias, Mint. Even Tim Hecker, veteran guitar fractioner, vaporizes a piano theme into a sonorous cloud. Also fully infusing the full sound spectrum with watery ebbs is Marsen Jules, who has been relatively quiet (no pun intended) after two masterful City Centre Offices releases. Unsurprisingly the sequence of tracks turns the collection into a seamless work of quiescent art. I turn thumbs up to turning down.


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